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The Best NZ Romer App

1# The Best NZ

The Best NZ is full of creative adventures from cray fishing to the best spot to watch a movie with a slice of giant pizza in Christchurch.

The After Work Photographer

2#Sandy B

Sandy shows us how to balance work and life capturing unique photos and suggestions from around NZ on her weekends!

Vanessa Romer app influencer

3# Vanessa

Glam springs to mind with Vanessa’s creative uploads from secret lunch spots to the best spot to buy some florals!

Bridgette Karen Romer App

4# Bridgette

With a passion for exploring the outdoors we always discover new hidden gems in New Zealand thanks to Bridgette!

Ruby Greenhalgh

5# Ruby G

Every Christchurch local will know Ruby G from the share love she gives Romer with a love of food experiences she’s one to follow!


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