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Frequently asked questions and answers


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Can't I log in?

Just swipe the images left to get to the login page.

If you do not have a Facebook account connected to your browser, we will be unable to log you in just yet. To fix this, open Facebook in safari or through the official Facebook app, close Romer and try again.

If this continues, please contact us for help. We are developing a solution where you can use another form of login, however, to help you find your friends it is best through Facebook. We don't store your information as we only use your full name for friends to see you and your profile picture which can be changed at any time.

How do I add friends to Romer?

You can add friends by heading to 'Account', then tap the friend's button under your username, from here you can invite other friends to Romer. 

Why invite friends?

Everything is better with friends so to best enjoy our features, get your friends along to join you on your new Romer planned adventures. 

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Profile and settings

What username should I use?

You can create any username. We suggest possibly your Instagram account name, so people know who's uploading all the incredible content can then find your Instagram as well.

How do I add a different profile photo?

Head to account and tap your photo to update from your camera or choose from your photo library.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, you only have to remove Facebooks access to Romer.

Head to account in Facebook > Privacy Shortcuts > More Settings > Apps > Logged in with Facebook > Romer > Remove App

Once access has been removed your account will be deleted from Romer. You can always open Romer to reactivate your account at any time.

Where can I see what uploads get approved?

In your Account tab, you can see the approved, pending & declined uploads that you have submitted.

Saved Romer App


Where do my saves go?

Head to the 'Saved' tab, all your right swipes or saves will appear under 'Interested.'

How can I delete a saved card?

Tap edit in the top right of Romes and then tap on the cards you want to remove. 

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Can I undo my last swipe?

After you have swiped a card out, the 'back' icon will appear allowing you to undo cards you want back. Alternatively, unselect the icons coloured at the top and reselect what your searching for to get the entire stack back. 

Have I run out of swipes?

If your phone cant finds cards tap the location top right and 'use current' or 'set location' will reload all your cards. Think there should be more options in the area? Try uploading one through the centre add button. Otherwise, tap your filter icons in and out for the cards again.

How to save the place?

Either swipe the card right or tap into it and then tap 'I'm Interested'.

How do I change my location?

To change your location, head to the 'Discover' screen through the bottom left icon in your dash. Tap on the top-right location icon. You can tap the top-right icon 'use current' search an area or address through search or even drag the drop pin and 'set location'.

How to select categories?

When a filter is selected, the icon will have a full-colour background. If it's not, it will remain as an outline. To choose and deselect tap on the icons to change. 

Why does a username feature on the card?

The username of the person who uploaded the card features as they have shared their discovery with everyone. To share your upload through the centre add button in the bottom toolbar. 

How do I get more information on the card? 

Just tap the card to get a full information card on the place including contact details and location.

How can I contact the business or place?

Tap the phone number, website or directions by tapping on the map to get to the next part of your adventure.

Don't have a Facebook login?

We will let you know when we have an alternative login method by signing up below.

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No cards appearing 'No experiences found using the current filter settings'?

To fix tap the top right location and confirm location by tapping 'use current' or 'set location'

Other questions

Can I use Romer overseas?

We are releasing country by country so follow us to keep up to date where we're heading next. If you have Romer downloaded, you can still upload from anywhere in the world. To upload in a new location first change your current location in discover then you will be able to upload a new Rome if we have launched there. 

How much does it cost to use Romer?

Romer is FREE to download and use.

Will I loose my Romer account if I delete the app?

If you delete the app, your account information will still be associated with your Facebook login however you will lose your saved cards. If you want to remove your account contact us and we will sort this for you.

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How do I upload an experience?

Tap the centre + icon in the bottom dashboard. Select a category, add a photo, confirm the place name and then 'Share Experience' at the bottom.

What should I use for a title?

Use a sentence or word that describes the specific thing to do or try, e.g. A particular platter or menu item to order or activity like a mountain bike, take in the views, walk, explore the gardens etc

How can my name feature on a card?

To feature your username on a card, you'll want to get an upload approved, simple! Upload a quality suggestion with a good title and image, and you can join the team of influencers on Romer.

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How do I send a card to a friend?

Tap into the card and share it via the top right share icon. The friend will be able to see the card in Romer, or if they don't have Romer, they will be able to open it in a web browser. 

Report card Romer App


How do I report someone or a card if it is incorrect?

We are sorry we let one slide through the system. Please screenshot the image card and send it to us if you are on android alternatively on ios tap the three dots '...' to report a card. Thank you for your help!

The app crahed?

We are developing Romer daily for you so bear with us as we do this. There may be the odd bug or crash so re-launch the app, and we will be notified of the crash. Alternatively it could be a lack of memory on your phone.


How is my privacy protected?

We are firm believers in creating a safe and supportive environment for our Romers. We have many systems in place and technology to do this. The only information we access from logging in with Facebook is your name, profile photo and a list of only your friends on Romer. 

If you have a question feel free to email us at or check out our privacy policy here.  

What information does Romer get from Facebook?

Romer only accesses your name, email address and phone number to fast track your account making process to get you on the road with Romer.


If you have any concerns, please follow this link Privacy policy or Terms and conditions.


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