With your permission, Romer wants to reward your adventure lifestyle and unlock premium benefits to the places you go, discovered in Romer. You can allow or deny permissions anytime.

The Romer community is turning it up, and with all the adventures our Romer's are swiping and going on we decided its about time they get rewarded by businesses. We wanted to keep it authentic, no loyalty cards, no expectation instead 'Featured' Romer companies will surprise you with rewards unlocked by your visits. 

To gain rewards enable your location in Settings > Location > Romer and set access to "Always" plus allows Bluetooth at featured locations.


What you need to know and how it works

Romer at a featured business with a free coffee with Romer Loyalty

Super Romer Jake found a new local coffee shop in Romer which he loves! On his fifth visit, Jake unlocks a free coffee as a thank you for discovering them in Romer and for his loyalty.

*Bluetooth must be enabled for each visit and location enabled

Romer team


The only location remembered in Romer with your permission are Romer featured businesses using beacons so we can reward both you and the company for discovering each other.

Discover businesses in Romer


When you interact with a featured card, your profile will remember the place name and type of card, so when you turn up to a featured card, you will unlock rewards. 

Soon we will be able to offer a more personalised experience. E.g. Romer will remember you like coffee on the weekdays and activities on Sundays to provide new and tailored suggestions to suit you, wherever you are.

Happy Business   Romer App

Businesses like Katie's coffee shop want Romer's to come to try their must-try experiences and want to reward you for coming back.

Romer beacon marketing


A beacon is like a lighthouse which sends out consistent signals to match our unique Romer server. If a business has a beacon, your Romer app will trigger as a visit only if you have your location set to always and your Bluetooth on. 

If you turn up multiple times to a Romer registered business, the business can decide to surprise you with loyalty after discovering them in Romer.

Privacy in Romer App



Businesses will only be able to access the number of visits from Romer and times. You will be helping companies understand their activities better, so they know how to serve you better.