Geo-fencing helps businesses by providing them with the proven value driven by Romer through the location of customers after seeing their adverts. This also helps users tick off many more of their saved adventures with qualified nearby notifications.

Geo-fencing Romer app


Once a user saves a place they are ‘qualified’ so they will have 20 automated geo-fences around their nearby saved activities which change when they move location. If a place is featured it will take priority. 

Driving: 1km distance/ 2km full radius for notifications

Walking: 150m/300m full radius for notifications

Check-in: Once a user is in the set location GPS will help to be more accurate and check them in at 12.5m/25m radius within place.



Once a user walks or drives within a geo-fence they will receive a notification. Only once per 30 days with options to get directions, share, learn more or change notification settings.

Geo-fencing Romer app
Romer check-in


When a users location is always enabled Romer will check-in users to the adventures they go on through our reporting. Each check-in counts as another group size visit usually consisting of 2.5 people.