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Our unique social platform enables your business to cost-effectively reach 1,000's of valuable new customers, connect with communities and pay for real customer conversions through our smart, native and easy to use and marketing tool.

Start advertising with the fastest growing marketing channel with in-app advertising and get your brand noticed today before you invest another dollar in the dark!


7 reasons why businesses choose Romer.


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Updated 1st June 2018


Example of how Romer drives customers visits 

Adwords for businesses

1. Amy manages Beachside cafe. She signs up to Romer, orders a one-off beacon and submits her first advert and wants to promote their new deconstructed hot chocolate.

This small beacon is a Bluetooth device that continually broadcasts small signals to nearby smartphones and tablets. Similar to a lighthouse emitting light with consistent intervals.

2. Her Bluetooth beacon continually sends small signals to nearby smartphones, similar to a lighthouse to connect with Romer users. If they have seen your business in Romer before coming in then it will count as one visit. 

Katie is a local Romer who loves sharing her experiences and taking friends on new adventures. She interacts with Beachside's card and goes for the featured deconstructed hot chocolate.

3. Katie is a local Romer who loves sharing her experiences and taking friends on new adventures. Katie discovers Beachside in Romer and comes for the featured deconstructed hot chocolate. 

Katie and her friends have a great time, enjoy the hot chocolates, see the date scones they want to come back for and upload whilst in the background, Katie's smartphone has registered a new customer from Romer that week.

4. Katie and her friends enjoy their hot chocolates, want to come back for more while all in the background, Katie's smartphone has registered her visit for her. 

Already your next customer has engaged with the same featured deconstructed hot chocolate card to bring some friends this afternoon.

5. Already your next customers are engaging with the same ad and ready to bring their friends.

And just like that, your card is charged all in the background from the results achieved that week alongside the results emailed to your business. So you can keep doing what you do best, keeping your customers coming for more.

6. Just like that, your credit card is charged for results along with an email sent to you with the analytics.




Getting started

1. Sign up

Sign up for $5 to gain full access to our self service uploading tool where you can add, edit or cancel your campaign in minutes and purchase your beacon.

2. Create your ad

Share what you want to promote, select what a customer engagement or visit is worth to you then set a weekly or total budget. Your ad will go live once our team have reviewed it. 

2. Feature through priority placement

When people search around your location in Romer, your featured campaign will appear at or near the top for customers to engage with first. Once a user saves your ad and it then expires they will still be able to access it.

3. Drive real customers and only pay for the results achieved

You will only pay when a customer clicks your ad, goes to your website or calls you directly or even better when they turn up to your business* 

* Valid with Business Visit as your objective + with a beacon purchase


Sign up and start seeing results today. 


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